Welcome to Custom eJuice.  
If you're like us, you've probably tried dozens of juices from different vendors and said things like, "this isn't bad but it's a bit too sweet" or, "this would be great with a touch of mint" or, "oh my god this is horrible."  The fact is that no matter how hard a vendor tries to make a great juice, not everyone will like it.  We all have different tastes and should be able to vape something that tastes great to us.
At Custom eJuice we give you the tools to create YOUR perfect E-Liquid.  We have over 200 flavours for you to play with which are all free of diacetyl, acetoin, and acetyl propionyl.  You can combine up to 7 flavours in various concentrations in your eJuice.  The flavour possibilities are endless!
If you are new to blending, we suggest starting with one or two flavours in recommended concentrations.  If you aren`t ready to design your own juice, you can choose a tasty blend from our Easy eJuice selection.  Please feel free to post your own recipes in our review section.
If you are placing your first order, use the coupon code "firstorder" to have your juice doubled!  LIMIT OF ONE USE PER CUSTOMER OR HOUSEHOLD
(Your invoice won't show the double juice quantity)
We offer free Expedited Parcel shipping or local delivery on orders of $75 or more!
For repeat customers we offer the following volume discounts (juice only orders):
Use the coupon code "wholesale" to receive 25% off! (15 bottle minimum)
Use the coupon code "bulk" to receive 35% off! (30 bottle minimum)
Use the coupon code "halfoff" to receive 50% off! (100 bottle minimum)
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     The products on this site are for adult use only.  Please keep e-liquids out of reach from children.